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Les Mineraux de Marrakech



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On the mental level in lithotherapy, the Turquoise stone Allows you to calm down and calm any form of anger. It also increases empathy. Turquoise will develop personal development and can be used at the throat chakra to obtain letting go, and thus promote expression with others through communication and listening. Lithotherapists use turquoise in the 3rd eye chakra in order to develop intuitions or strengthen each meditation. On the heart chakra, turquoise strengthens friendship, soothes anger and stimulates love and friendship.

There Turquoise stone Help on the psychological level and in this sense, the renewed confidence makes it possible to develop communication with others. Empathy is there. The mood is stabilized, anger calms down and the inner calm settles. Turquoise thus avoids changing mood randomly and without reason. It fights against fatigue, against contrasting moods and invested under drive. In addition, turquoise can be used to find a deep and restful sleep. To enjoy these particular benefits, you can place a turquoise under your pillow or on your bedside table. Ideal for combating episodes of stress, fatigue and drop in morale, turquoise is a mineral that makes you want to move forward and invest in new projects.

In many countries, turquoise is considered a sacred stone. Its powerful energy would protect its carrier from negative energies and convert them into positive energies. Like a shield, turquoise protects you from negative vibrations, curses, spells and bad luck in general. As such, you can wear it as a real lucky charm in order to attract luck and positivity to your life. If you are subject to stress and anxiety, the Turquoise stone Can help you better manage your emotions and live more serenely. Peter of wisdom, the turquoise promotes forgiveness, peace, reconciliation and the appeasement of all tensions.

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