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Les Mineraux de Marrakech



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Emotionally, the Selenite stone helps to relax. It soothes the environment around you and cleanses air, to increase the quality of sleep, among others. If you think you can put it next to you every night, you will quickly observe that you will fall asleep faster, of a deeper sleep and that you will be less subject to sleep disorders. It also takes off bad minds and negative energies from a place. Placed in one of the rooms in your home, next to a lamp for example, it is a very effective positive energy transmitter.

It is also a stone that helps make a clean sweep of the past to start again on solid bases. By bringing out certain sometimes painful reminiscences, it allows the mind and the heart to take back courage and to rise above all the pain and the difficulties they have gone through in his life and which haunt them. Accompanied by a Séléné stone, you will therefore tend to regain self -confidence and make a strength of your injuries to regain real serenity. All the energies of your organism balance again in a perfectly fluid way and you will find control of all your faculties. Take advantage of your recharged selené stone to make an analysis of yourself: this stone indeed promotes introspection. You can even discover telepathic talents.

Do you tend to be stressed? Using a Séléné stone is ideal to help you relax before an exam or before making an important decision. It is also a mineral that develops openness to the other and the openness, quite simply. Pregnant women particularly appreciate this stone which helps them to calm down and relax throughout the pregnancy process. It allows them to understand and feel all the changes that happen in their bodies, the different cycles of transformation of the embryo, so that they only make one with their baby instead of worrying. Very useful with children, this translucent and soothing mineral calms the feverishness of infants. If your baby is crying often and you don't know what to do to help him, you can put a Selene stone in his room just after purification. This will quickly solve her little evils and anger: she is also a first -choice guide in a breastfeeding process.

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