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Les Mineraux de Marrakech



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There is a mention of lithotherapy from the 16th thanks to Jean de Renou, doctor of Henri II, III and IV, and great follower of this branch. He indicates in one of his medical works that“The ruby ​​is greatly cordial (tonic) and what is more, resistantly resists all rotten and venom”. Today, we are still attributed to the elixirs of revivals and disinfectant virtues. Peter of life, he gives courage and loyalty. It symbolizes happiness and fiery fire. It is associated, as a priority, with the 4th chakra, the heart chakra.

  • Restouring joie de vivre and enthusiasm
  • Develops self -confidence and perseverance
  • Promotes prosperity
  • Regulates hyperactivity
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Increases all passions
  • Preserves jealousy and promotes wisdom
  • Strengthens the will, the courage
  • Having nightmares and promotes positive dreams
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