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There rhodonite is widely used in lithotherapy, for several reasons. In terms of psychic and spiritual, it has many benefits, especially in the event of excessive and love fears, emotional.

For the most nervous, we recommend the use of rhodonitis in order to reduce anxieties. It can be of great help during exam periods and in the event of an emotional overflow. Thanks to its soothing function, rhodonitis is particularly useful in adolescents, who know this kind of difficulty. Adolescence is a real upheaval. In order to confront with serenity the changes and the vagaries of life (the first heart sorrows, discomfort, arguments with loved ones ...), we need courage and endurance. Rhodonite is therefore a good ally. During this period filled with tests, Rhodonite also makes it possible to stimulate learning and manage excess stress.

Furthermore, the rhodonite is a stone linked to the energy of the heart. It is therefore very popular with lovers. Within the couple, it improves relationships, strengthening confidence and bringing peace. Rhodonite soothes your partner's possible jealousy. Thanks to its protective role, it brings tenderness and sweetness. By opening the spirit of her wearer, she promotes affectionate relationships. Rhodonite is ideal if you want to broadcast positive energies within your couple, if you want to facilitate the meeting of love or if you want to strengthen links with your soul mate. Restructuring, rhodonitis also makes it possible to overcome any emotional trauma linked to the past, whether it be the wounds of the soul or those of the body. Because it helps to understand that revenge is a feeling of self -destruction, the rhodonite promotes forgiveness. It helps to release resentments and anger linked to the past, those which have been internalized following heart sorrows, following vexations or provocations. To summarize, Rhodonite helps to resolve conflicts, healing injuries and communicating in a constructive manner in order to get out of a relational dead end. At the energy level, rhodonitis corresponds to water and the sun.

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