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Pink quartz

Pink quartz

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There pink quartz is a stone carrying peace, love and friendship. She helps those who bring her to forgive, but also to respect, both themselves and others. It supports people in shock and promotes speed in healing, whether physical or legal. Recognized for its soothing virtues, the pink quartz Can be placed in a living room such as the living room, but also in a bedroom. Love and calm will be reunited and tensions, if there are any, should fade and bother. If the pink quartz is accompanied by a black tourmaline and it is arranged in a room, for example, the virtues will be increased tenfold and complementary since the calm and the quality of sleep will be brought. The nightmares should disappear.

There pink quartz is known to provide security, comfort and tenderness to its wearer. Ideal for children, this stone delivers a soft and maternal energy. If your child has trouble sleeping because he is too agitated, you can drop a pink quartz In his room, under his pillow or under his bedside table to help him find calm and serenity. Thanks to its vibrations, pink quartz helps reduce stress, anxiety and all the negative feelings that disturb your mind. By promoting inner peace, this stone makes social relations more pleasant and more spontaneous. It allows you to open more easily to others and to be more attentive. If you tend to be suspicious because of the emotional wounds of the past, the pink quartz can help you open your heart and trust again.

If you have a broken heart or you suffer from anxiety attacks, this stone can also help you overcome these periods of crisis thanks to its comforting energy. Very gently, it pushes you to regain control of your emotions and your life. Stone of love par excellence, it begins by promoting self-esteem, because it is essential to love yourself before you can love someone sincerely. You will understand, the pink quartz is a stone intimately linked to love. Very often, it is said that it increases the qualities which are generally attributed to women, namely; Tenderness, affection, benevolence, tolerance and attentive listening. By wearing a pink quartz, even the darkest hearts and the hardest characters will find the wisdom necessary to forgive, receive and give love.

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