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Les Mineraux de Marrakech

Smoking quartz

Smoking quartz

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Smoked quartz could bring you ahigh level of protection Against surrounding negativity and it could also help you free yourself from your anger. The carrier of this crystal could see hisintuition But also its survival instinct in particularly difficult moments.

It could prove to be very favorable to sad or grieved people by helping them regain invitality as well as energy. It is also very oftenRecommended for depressive peopleOr to the mourning people for whom it could be very effective by helping them to stop grinding black.

In my opinion, smoked quartz is not as beneficial as theobsidian, the black onyx or the tourmaline for theanchoring But it is still very interesting in this sense. Recommended for meditation, it could give you a certainappeasement To help you relax and relax.

It is a very good stone for thestress management, he could help you have greater control over it and allow you to act in spite of himself. Smoked quartz could help you release tensions and encourage thereflection Thanks to its stimulating benefits on mental acuity.

This stone encourages theevolution, it could gradually help you detach from your bad habits in order to promote growth. Maybe just asEye of tiger or amethyst, smoked quartz is ideal if you are looking to develop yourtrust in you

He could also help you adopt more behaviorresponsible, more generous, more conscientious and more open to others. This crystal could help you be firmer and moredetermined In your daily life while helping you stay focused on things that really matter. Finally, smoked quartz could bring you a lot of benefits if you have great difficulties in interacting andcommunicate With your entourage.

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