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Les Mineraux de Marrakech

Strawberry quartz

Strawberry quartz

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Strawberry quartz provides a great feeling of love and joy. It promotes happiness and encourages to show more lightness and humor. By appearing the mind and facilitating sleep, it allows access to a greater serenity of mind.

The vibrations that emanate from quartz strawberry encourage to focus on the good side of things and bring great comfort to the psychological level. He helps relieve emotional pain, reduce stress and fight depression.

Strawberry quartz encourages indulgence and compassion. It is a benevolent stone that will bring you a lot of sweetness and love. He could help you find your reason for being and make positive changes in your life.

Ideal for relaxation, the strawberry quartz helps its wearer to relax and enjoy the present moment. He could also encourage the positivity and strengthen the inner strength. In addition, it would have stimulating effects on psychic capacities.

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