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Les Mineraux de Marrakech



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The pyramid acts as an amplifier of vital energy, which it accumulates and restores in its environment, according to its position vis-à-vis the cardinal points (north-south-east-west).

Regarding the "Pyramite/Orgonite" alliance this can multiply the coveted benefits.

It is therefore essential to position each side of the pyramid on the cardinal points. This is what is demonstrated by vibrational physics and verifiable by any person practicing dowsing.

Indeed, if it is positioned with the four faces turned towards the four cardinal points, it does not emit negative to the outside form and keeps all the energy emissions inside its structure. This means that if it is placed above a geopathogenic node, the negative influx is blocked and does not come out.

Having a pyramid randomly means risking generating disturbances on the place and its occupants.

The architects of ancient Egypt therefore had this knowledge during the positioning of the 3 pyramids (faces aligned on the cardinal points) on the Giza plateau (Khéops, Khéphren and MyKerinos).
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