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On the psychological level, whatever the beliefs of different cultures, it should be noted that a heliolitis is the symbol of power and harmony.

  • The stone of positive feelings: gives off the light that is reflected in the psychic state. She hunts gloom, sadness, withdrawal, emotional blockages, worries. Anything that prevents you from moving forward and being at peace is contained by its solar force. The psychological barriers that the mind is created give way to self -confidence. A heliolite The main characteristics of the heat and optimism it gives off.
  • The lucky stone: it is renowned for bringing luck to the one who holds it. Promotes personal ambitions, chases complexes.
  • The protective stone: helps to find a peaceful sleep, purifies nightmares.
  • The stone of empathy: its energy benefits cause a desire to go to others, meet people, create social ties.

On the physical level, the sunshine is a hot stone with a positive impact on everyone's bodily capacities.

  • The stone of carnal desire: a heliolite has benefits on the sexual organs of man and woman. It fights against erection disorders and promotes fertility and procreation. To be placed on the sacred chakra (the 2nd chakra) to reactivate sexuality.
  • Tonifying stone: strengthens the heart and the nervous system, stimulates the immune defenses.
  • The stone of digestive comfort: to be placed on the solar plexus (3rd chakra) to activate the inner well-being.
  • Ensures the proper functioning of the digestive system and intestinal transit. Avoid bloating and swollen belly.
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