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Les Mineraux de Marrakech

Lava stone

Lava stone

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From a psychological point of view, although the deaf rumble of the bowels of the earth, it is a beneficial mineral formation, carrying joy, to be used for appeasement. Its rough appearance contrasts with the sweetness, the heat it contains. She positively influences the person who carries her, bringing her courage, self -confidence, force. Coming from the matrix of the world, she carries the rebirth, the novelty, the change. The firepower it contains is converted into positive power, its natural magnetism helps overcome everyday difficulties. This mineral formation is also an ally for psychological reconstruction which brings strength to overcome trauma, hidden blockages, negative and excessive emotions. This mineral has a great effect on anger, frustration, irritability. It is also a media of the unconcoritile par excellence that leads to self -knowledge.

In lithotherapy, it is of course a stimulating mineral whose powerful energy comes vibration with chakras. In particular, the root, sacred and solar plexus chakras are connected by the fluid of this powerful stone. The energies of the fire and the mother earth contained in this frozen lava make it a vector of rooting. It anchors body and mind in the present and returns doubts, fears and questions to the horrors of nothingness. It therefore allows us to reconnect body and mind, to leave the past and its trauma behind us to accept the present and welcome the future in serenity. It balances the mind, gets rid of unnecessary beliefs and primitive fears. In this, it allows you to go without fear towards the unknown and to surpass yourself in joy and harmony. To benefit from its benefits it is ideal to wear it in a bracelet, or simply a pearl in pendants. To maintain it and recharge it with its properties, it is good to let it bathe, whether mounted in jewelry, in the form of a pearl or other bracelet, in slightly salty distilled water. It is therefore a powerful tool whose natural magnetism influences positively on the person who carries it, supporting it in the face of its past trauma, giving it the strength to face everyday life and allowing it to welcome the future with serenity. It is also a vector of the unconscious which by its rooting property brings both emotional and carnal stability.
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