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Les Mineraux de Marrakech

Pearl pierced

Pearl pierced

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When the stone has a white surface, it is automatically associated with a sign of purity and spirituality. If on the other hand she has nuances of beige, then we associate her a virtue of sweetness and soothing functions. When the white stone this time has shades of gray, it has the virtue of discretion and modesty, qualities much sought after in certain ancient civilizations. White stone with pink nuances is directly associated with love, tenderness and affection. The white stone with green reflections is highly sought after, because it naturally calms the anxieties and has soothing virtues.

It is very often used in the context of relaxation. When it is white with the surface reflections pulling towards blue, it is the creative and artistic side that will be underlined and associated with white, generally in circles. Finally, black stone, unlike certain received ideas, is protective with very important psychological and bodily benefits. It is used in many civilizations, it can be brought in jewelry, like a necklace, to have it permanently on oneself.

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