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Les Mineraux de Marrakech



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THE peridot Mentally acts on the person to improve self -confidence by reducing stress and gives way to a steel mind by erasing any guilt inherited from the past. The energy contained in this beautiful jewel thus gives it an important place in spirituality. We lend him mystical powers to forget melancholy and various ills, but he also brings good fortune and the bliss of his buyer.

Protect the throes of the night, to cancel a bad spell, to alleviate excess body heat or malfunction of cough, responsible for the success of marriages and relations, or to repel evil spirits, plethora of popular beliefs are associated with it. For the magic to work, the jewel is brought on the wrist, held under the tongue to activate its chemical virtues or placed on gold. He offers clairvoyance and purity to his wearer by touching extrasensorial points like the 3rd eye. Also, it seems effective in excessive fear and morale disorder to help the person overcome them. By carrying it, finished resentment, nervousness and jealousy. It dissipates the ills and darkness of the heart to make room for the green light of beauty and purity which it releases.

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