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Les Mineraux de Marrakech

Chakra Pack

Chakra Pack

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The main seven chakras ("wheel" in Sanskrit), or energy centers, are precise points of the body at the level of which the energy exchanges take place. They are located along the spine. Each chakra has a precise location. Its role is to receive and issue a rhythmic vibrational energy which acts on the organs.

The chakras belong to the etheric body and are correlated with the physical body. They are in the shape of a funnel and their radiation is approximately ten centimeters in diameter. Each of them is linked to a dominant color which corresponds to their vibrational frequency.

The energy conveyed in us by the chakras must be regular: a chakra should not be too open, or too closed, but in balance. Unfortunately, our thoughts influence the opening of these energy centers. The stress, The prejudices, the fear of the unknown creates blockages, modify and disrup the flow of this energy.

If one of these points is closed, it is disorder in us. Our organs, poorly fueled, lose their effectiveness and bring us physical and emotional disorders. By working on chakras, we will cause an energy circulation which will have a beneficial action on the physical and spiritual level.

A crystal or a stone, having a clean vibration, will allow the chakra concerned to rebalance and resonate with the right frequency then, slowly, to reopen to convey the energy correctly and offer our body this essential food ...

This pack includes:

Rock crystal: chakra crown (7th)

Amethyst: frontal chakra (6th)

Lapis Lazuli: throat chakra (5th)

Aventurine: heart chakra (4th)

Tiger eye: solar plexus chakra (3rd)

Corneline: sacred chakra (2nd)

Red jasper: root chakra (1st)

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