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Australian opal

Australian opal

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As surprising as it may seem, until the 19th century, theAustralian opal was considered to be a source of misfortunes. One thing is certain: that is anything but true. This is the serene heart that you can opt for this mineral stone. However, there is one point that is true: the opal is not a gem that especially suits those who have a lively temperament. Indeed, this stone captures the energy presents before returning it to its transmitter, even if the latter sports it. So, if you tend to get upset quickly, an opal ring will strengthen your angry nature. Worse still ... She will amplify this mania to take the fly for nothing.

Apart from that, the opal is a stone that symbolizes tenderness and is associated with the purity of feelings. Linked to the crown chakra, it promotes sleep and the development of intuition. In parallel, it facilitates meditation, tempers character and promotes creativity. According to its followers, it also develops intuition and allows you to become more clear -sighted. In addition, it is recognized for its ability to build links with spiritual beings and subtle plans. It is filled with love and wisdom that you will feel by wearing a jewel cut in this material. Perfectly suited to timid people, a pendant in opal stone Help them to gain confidence and dare to assert themselves. With it, creativity, courage and originality are in order. Known to stimulate reflection, it promotes restorative sleeps and allows you to have sweet dreams. Purifying, this mineral stone holds negative waves and malignant minds.

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