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Les Mineraux de Marrakech

White opal

White opal

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In lithotherapy, aquatic energy containing in theWhite opal would humidify your dry heart. It is therefore to put when you feel alone and anxious. This precious stone is also known to be a protective stone such as the Taurus eye, but besides that, it also would have properties that make communication more fluid. A bit like the flowing liquids, it would facilitate communication. So you can use it to increase your chance in love, but also to improve your human relationships.
Did you know, theOpal can change its name according to its shine. Thus, the stones that shine inside as stars are called "precious opal", while those which do not have the brilliance of the rainbow are called "common opal". Not only are they called differently, but their treatment is not the same either. Also, their effects can change slightly depending on their shine. This is why you need to choose those that meet your needs exactly.

Apart from the White opal stoneother stones also exist, namely yellow, pink, blue opals or black opals. The biggest fans of this stone do not hesitate to collect it and have a great variation in color. For'White opal Having rainbow reflections in particular, they symbolize harmony and growing charm. The value of the stone will increase if it has these reflections. To be able to get it, we should still prepare larger budgets. You will be able to White opal stone In its form bracelets, pearl necklaces or earrings.

  • The white opal and love

Take advantage of the energy of the White opal stone To humidify your dry heart. If you want to get rid of your solidity, it is precisely this precious chakras protective stone that you need. If you encounter problems with your darling, this stone is to be used to facilitate communication between both of you. And if you also plan to confess your love, it is good to have this stone with you.

  • The white opal brings luck and is synonymous with harmony

If this precious stone is so successful, it is because it has the divine protection of the gods. Symbolizing harmony, it will only lead you in the right path. You will need it so if you have to make a delicate decision and want to get a result. Trust a precious stone that would help you make your dreams and your wishes. A brilliant future awaits you on the other side of the world. After all, arcs remain a powerful element that will bring real added value to your personality. Simply be sure to choose the easy -to -wear model that will accompany you everywhere. It's up to you to choose between a bracelet, a necklace, earrings or pendants in White opal stone.

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