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On the psychological level, the Pierre Onyx is a real shield against negative thoughts and energies. By reducing stress and daily anxiety, it allows you to regain self -confidence and replace mental ruminations with positive thoughts. It allows you to be more focused on the present moment and not be distracted. As such, it is an excellent stone to learn meditation. Thanks to the ONYX, you will find the insurance necessary to open up to others with sincerity and benevolence.

I'onyx Optimizes self -control and helps increase the sense of responsibility. It constitutes a protective shield and provides stability against harmful rights -of -way and harassment. In summary, the Onyx:

  • Distance sadness and grants resistance, strength and vigor
  • Make service for the realization of karma
  • Better anchoring to the earth and balance for the physical body and the spirit
  • Gives confidence in the future
  • Optimizes moderation, mastery of passions and emotions
  • Promotes the sense of responsibility
  • Encourages the search for truth
  • Bad dreams away
  • Relieves concerns and bad memories
  • Supports in difficult times and mourning
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