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Les Mineraux de Marrakech



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In lithotherapy, the tiger eye is a protective stone. It keeps negative energy away from the one who wears it. This stone protects against all evil claims, against black magic or even spells. It promotes perseverance, especially to achieve the objectives that have been set. It allows you to draw on your own resources to demonstrate what you intend to do. Tiger's eye also acts as a mirror by giving consciousness to the one who carries it with its faults. There tiger eye Allows lithotherapy and lithotherapists to root their patients while allowing them to open and reveal their intentions. She will install the notion of change in the body envelope.

On the mental level in lithotherapy, the tiger eye refocus energy and thoughts to structure them, to give them logic and consistency. It makes it possible to remove discomfort, even alleviate sadness and promote the creativity of being through this. Tiger's eye will also balance the emotional body by bringing it energy and harmonizing yin and yang. If you want to place a tiger eye In your living room or in your bedroom, for example, you will bring the negativity in the place in question. Tiger's eye will have a barrier role. In lithotherapy, you can work with the tiger eye on the solar plexus chakra, especially for spiritual anchoring. If you want to harmonize energy and these virtues in a place, opt for the tiger eye ball which will offer you a global and homogeneous action. It is quite possible to wear a tiger eye pendant or a bracelet combining your dress code with the virtues of the tiger eye.

Like a boomerang, the tiger eye Returns negative energies to its transmitter. She helps to step back and question herself when necessary. It allows you to listen to your own desires more. Associated with the sun, it strengthens self -confidence, courage, audacity, generosity and ambition. In addition, she fights emotional blockages, which contributes to the good health of your friendly, love and family relationships. This stone can also help you not be influenced by others. It helps you make fair, relevant decisions and always in line with your values. By promoting serenity and optimism, Tiger's eye encourages you to push your limits and overcome all your fears.

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