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Bull's eye

Bull's eye

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There Bull eye is intimately linked to the root chakra. First of the seven chakras, the root chakra is the one that allows you to remain anchored and connected to the energies of the earth. It allows us to become aware of our physical body and the material world in which we live. When open and balanced, the root chakra stimulates our primary needs, namely: sleeping, eating, drinking, breathing, protecting, reproducing, or dressing. He is also very related to money, work and physical security.

When this chakra is blocked or unbalanced, it manifests itself by a feeling of insecurity, fears, violence, doubts, fatigue and bad relations with your loved ones. To remove blockages and promote the opening of the root chakra, you can use anchor stones such as the bull eye and add some meditation sessions to your routine. Thanks to the protective and anchor properties of the Stone of bull, you will feel safe and harmony with your body again. Source of will and vitality, this stone helps you take advantage of the present moment, without being distracted by the mental ruminations that parasitize your mind.

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