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Les Mineraux de Marrakech



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In lithotherapy, the obsidian stone is a stone that should be used with caution due to its fairly powerful properties. Obsidian is a very important protective stone and which acts very quickly. Ideal for fragile people, it allows them to protect them against negative energies. For example, wearing an obsidian pendant can allow the one who carries it to have a protective shield. Therapists position the obsidian stone in their hands as well as at the level of the root chakra. It allows them to protect the mind from all instability. It also makes it possible to fight against surrounding negative energies. If you place an obsidian near your bed, it would also have the virtues of removing all mental tensions.

There obsidian stone makes you want to go ahead and change things. She accompanies you to make the right decisions. To do this, it eliminates negative thoughts, stress and anxiety of your mind. All these negative feelings are immediately replaced by a pleasant feeling of well-being and serenity. Obsidian is known to provide a lot of support and comfort. Thus, it offers you the courage necessary to overcome the difficult trials of life. It protects you from the evil eye, the curses and all the surrounding negative energies. It tempers excessive and violent behavior. And finally, it increases your mental strength in everyday life.

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