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Les Mineraux de Marrakech

Mother -of -pearl

Mother -of -pearl

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On the psychic level, stone mother -of -pearl Promotes appeasement: it reduces anxiety, anger, tensions, mood swings and any other excessive emotional state. It makes it possible to regulate the mood, by making disappear any feeling of fear or anxiety and by moving away from the spirit of all negative thought. By releasing the mind, mother -of -pearl allows more peaceful and measured decision -making. Negative emotions then give way to serenity and introspection is facilitated. This personal appeasement leads to reassured relations with others. The mother -of -pearl, facilitating communication, is also advised to appease the relationship difficulties, in love in particular: harmony and balance within the couple are reinforced.

On the spiritual and energetic level, mother -of -pearl is a stone promoting intuition and open -mindedness. Imagination and creativity are stimulated thanks to this stone. By purifying the aura, it facilitates the path to the astral body. The mother -of -pearl allows better circulation of energy. By allowing a better mastery of her emotions, she generates a state of calm and fullness, favorable to the opening of the doors of access to wisdom. The mother -of -pearl is notably beneficial in terms of the 3rd and 6th chakra: solar plexus and frontal chakra. It has a strong vibrational power due to its slow natural manufacturing in aquatic environment. It also has powerful purifying properties. Thus, mother -of -pearl, by rebalancing the circulation of energy between mind and body, promotes good health.

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