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Les Mineraux de Marrakech



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On the psychological level in lithotherapy, the benefits of gems moonstones correspond to the candor of childhood. Both virtuous and without malice, this stone acts naturally for good. The moonstone also corresponds to happiness with its spouse. It acts directly on the mental and astral bodies by harmonizing emotions, thus facilitating reconciliation, when it is carried in ring, rolled stone or even bracelets.

There moon stone / moonstone Also allows moral minds considering sexual act as a primary act of freeing oneself from this point of view and finding human sexual pleasure. This stone makes it possible to develop sensitivity, creativity and sweetness. It accompanies in sleep and facilitates premonitory dreams as well as intuition. It helps in some decision -making that can be difficult and in a fairer mind.

Pierre Yin, the moon stone is a stone that promotes opening up to others and stops the fear of others. As a rule, this stone has the benefits of eliminating unnecessary fears, especially with regard to others who can lead to hatred of the other. It is a tolerance stone which aims to release material trends a little for the benefit of the opening. This stone also brings man a feminine side that allows you to counterbalance with a sometimes too developed male temperament. The moon symbolizes the feminine star in opposition to the sun which represents the male star. It increases the qualities generally attributed to women such as sweetness, tenderness, tolerance and maternal instinct. Even the most severe people can see their character soften by carrying a moon stone. Like a light in the dark, it brings security and comfort. If you are looking for a stone to refine your intuition and to light your mind in moments of doubt, the moonstone is probably the one you need. It is all that is most natural in the mineral world.

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