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This tectite rock is known to stimulate the subconscious by releasing the flows of chakras, especially that of the heart, thus giving access to hidden intellectual and psychic resources. It also makes it possible to promote the awakening of buried spiritual powers such as clairvoyance or telepathy. If it is properly used, it improves the efficiency of divinatory arts and facilitates time travel through future and past reincarnations. By acting gently on the blockages, it can make the resistances disappear which prevent individuals from flourishing and evolving.

When placed on the third eye, the Moldavite stone Facilitates time travel and astral journey allowing to visualize your previous or future lives. By acting on the psyche, the aura and the etheric energies, it can become a real guide on the spiritual path. It acts as an amplifier of thought and helps to develop telepathy donation. More generally, it is a medium to find your unit with the universal. Of great power, she is able to open and activate all chakras, but also to keep the negative waves away that would try to approach your aura. By triggering the vibration of other stones nearby, it is able to self -regulate. If she is associated with the heart chakra, she will strengthen love vibrations.

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