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Les Mineraux de Marrakech



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On the mental level, the Malachite stone is a natural stone that reassures and gives insurance. It strengthens the capacity of the one who carries it in matters of persuasion, bringing a structured, posed and concise discourse. Malachite carries in its properties and virtues protection. This stone thus makes it possible to considerably develop positive energy, but also to absorb negative energy. She protects through this. In lithotherapy, the Malachite stone is frequently used in the heart chakra in order to restore the balance of the soul. It brings a bodily balance and opens the heart. Malachite also brings clairvoyance about the people with whom we can forge links or not. It removes anxieties and fears of the soul in favor of compassion, discernment and fullness.

Malachite makes it possible to initiate transformations, it promotes change and risk taking. On a daily basis, carry the Malachite stone Harmonizes your relationships with others, but also in a difficult family environment. Negative and polluting waves will be absorbed by malachite. In general, this stone opens all chakras. Much used in meditation, it allows those who use it to interpret their dreams. Malachite is a stone that facilitates the expression of feelings. Its green color inspires hope and serenity. If you have trouble falling asleep because your mind is very agitated, you can place a malachite on your bedside table or under your pillow. In addition to helping you sleep, it will protect you from nightmares and harmful waves throughout the night. Finally, for hyperactive or magnetizers, malachite absorbed the energy that has not been evacuated. It is therefore ideal for rebalancing body energy.

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