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Mental plan: the Lépidolite stone is a stone that helps to focus and focus its attentions on the essentials, make objective decisions and draw targeted conclusions. It relieves the compulsive disorder, fears of large spaces and public places or other ailments. It allows you to combat outbuildings, obsessions and allows you to sleep as serene as possible. This stone is recommended to everyone, men or women. Lépidolite stone sharpens the analytical faculties and skills of the one who uses it. It makes it possible to draw the most objective possible conclusions and to make focused decisions. It achieves the objectives that have been set through stimulation of concentration and attention. She directs all thoughts in the direction of her expectations alone, while avoiding all types of distractions. This is a great natural way to fight obsession, discouragement and sleep disorders.

Emotional plan: It helps preserve your calm and serenity regardless of what agitates the ambient environment. It allows you to have a peaceful sleep, relieves stress and its consequences. For those who are often influenced by the external environment, this stone will be useful. She ensures calm and inner peace every month of the year. It allows you to feel independent of others and provides optimal satisfaction. It brings care with regard to fear, creates self -confidence and stabilizes emotions for achieving its life objectives. It is a remedy for people with disproportionate concern or excessive fear.

Spiritual plan: this crystal alone makes it possible to make disappear all kinds of negativity. It contributes to the development of spiritual senses. It allows you to bring out your upper self. This stone promotes the stimulation of spiritual senses and the development of the soul. It provides spiritual insight and being able to interpret the various situations of every day. It makes it possible to reach higher levels of consciousness as well as the understanding of events is out of the ordinary.

Work of chakras: the lepidolite Allows you to open the chakras at the level of the man's heart and throat. It is known to dispel the unluckiness and make the blockages disappear while stimulating the 3rd eye. Most often in the form of a bracelet or silver jewelry, this stone provides the purification of its holder.

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