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Les Mineraux de Marrakech



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THE Larimar is known to have soothing and balanced properties on the psyche and the body. Whoever wears for example a necklace, a bracelet, a gourmet or any object made of this semi-precious rock receives in an automatic way positive energies, necessary for the development of his soul. It is nevertheless important to purify it after purchase, insofar as he was responsible for the energies of those who have already manipulated him. THE Larimar So allows you to boost the positive attitude when morale is at the bottom. It keeps negative thoughts away. Excess anger, suicidal thoughts and other negative ideas are fiercely fought just through the wearing of a pendant. For Hindus, wearing this type of jewelry around the neck allows the harmonization and balance of the laryngeal chakra. It is this often contradictory dytic of "I forgive myself, I forgive others" which, under the influence of energy from fine rock, stabilizes and soothes anger. This catalyst of inner peace, ideal for angry, is also required for meditations and yoga exercises. It helps harmonize emotions and balance the body by acting on vital points. Serenity, fullness and calm, which he breathes, help to carry out a good meditation session and refine the creative genius. This is why, the Pierre Larimar is highly recommended for artists, whatever the field. Just place this protective gem in a corner of the workshop, for example.

The virtues of this "Sea rock" are also remarkable in anti -stress cures. Today in Europe, one in three workers suffers from stress problems. After the plague, stress has become, with AIDS, the evil of the century. Generally intermittent, this mind disorder inhibits performance, spoils existence and can push suicide. Nothing better than a bad mood every day and throughout the day to prevent the joys of existence. A more pleasant, more beautiful, more subtle and less restrictive alternative is nevertheless offered to everyone, at a price accessible to all budgets. Delivery of Larimar Can be done at home or at the address indicated by the customer, but above all think of purifying this stone upon receipt. It is often sold in the form of stones or precious objects in gold or mounted in silver if it is pendant. In its form of jewelry, it is a kind of "Three in one", that is to say an object which is both a drug, a lucky charm and a beauty accessory. Of course, there is no question of this purpose to supplant clinical treatment or consultation of an expert (psychologist or psychiatrist). It is rather a complement. Lunatic people or simply wishing to purify themselves have at their disposal a source of pure energy, which acts positively on the etheric body and the model. The great dominators, notorious phallocrats, brilliant by their sexism, also have a tool capable of "Humanize" More by pushing them to better consider and treat the other better, whether of the same sex or not, whatever his social condition. Sweet and feminine, the Larimar, which corresponds to the zodiacal signs "Virgin", "Aquarius" and "Poisson", is a yin stone (opposite Yang), which means that it is associated with the principle of the feminine and is thus full of virtues of the female gender : sensuality, love, resilience, compassion and tolerance. THE Larimar This acts in this fact in depth and in all finesse to soften hardness of character and deviant behavior. It is a good tool for harmonization and pacifism of human relationships. In addition, this is done in homeopathic doses, and only the results are perceptible. This qualifier of Pierre of harmony therefore suits him like a glove.

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