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Les Mineraux de Marrakech



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In lithotherapy, the Pierre Lapis-Lazuli is a stone that brings a boost of confidence for the wearer and it encourages it to regain their life in hand. The Lapis-Lazuli releases and offers a certain ease of communicating its emotions and feelings. Oral communication is therefore favored by it. Lapis-Lazuli also brings fullness and inner peace. Thus, stress is very quickly evacuated. Among its properties and virtues, we can above all give it the contribution of honesty, compassion and righteousness. There Pierre Lapis-Lazuli is also known to eliminate mental tensions. If you are a shy person, they can help you express yourself in a more spontaneous way, without being afraid of the eyes of others. This ease of communication improves the quality of friendly, family and love relationships. Faced with those around you, and even in the face of strangers, you will be able to express yourself clearly and defend your opinions, while remaining calm and attentive.

Stone of serenity, Lapis-Lazuli helps to eliminate stress, anxiety and all the negative thoughts that ruminate in your mind. All gently, it helps you overcome fear, fatigue and phases of sadness. So, if you need a helping hand to regain your joie de vivre and your creative spirit, you should carry a stone that acts on the throat and third eye chakra, such as the Lapis-Lazuli.

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