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Les Mineraux de Marrakech



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The stone is directly linked to the heart chakra, it has the power to neutralize negative waves acting on stress and fears of life. There Kunzite Pierre acts directly on the negative effects of stress by providing a increased relaxation and concentration effect. As well used in children for its sweetness as in adults, the Kunzite Pierre Allows you to better control your emotions and to face stress in a much more serene way. Many therapists use it to fight against chronic sadness, because the strength and sweetness of the stone allow you to step back and play down daily events. People with concentration disorders will also find in stone an excellent remedy to refocus. Concentration disorders are often due to unconscious stress and fear of failure, stone will help you calm down to succeed in a examination or to pass an interview. Nowadays, many people turn to meditation to find serenity and calm by opening the chakras. Thanks to its virtues and its many properties, stone also promotes better meditation. Just have the stone by your side, in your pocket, in your wallet or on a jewel to strengthen its effect and feel the calm that the stone brings.

The virtues of the stone make it possible to remove the nightmares and to guarantee better sleep, without a good night, you cannot start your hard day in the best conditions. The soothing virtues facilitate sleep and distance the bad dreams, the presence of negative energies will be reduced if you regularly keep the stone over you during the night, ideal for calm. You will get a much more restorative sleep, rather than getting up the next day in great difficulty, you will feel the benefits of the stone by attacking the day in the best way. As mentioned above in the article, stone is also associated with feelings of love and empathy. Promoting feelings and especially by making the link between the heart and the brain, it brings a calm of the heart and the soul. It also makes it easier to understand the feelings of being beloved, promoting communication and force within the couple, it will strengthen the links of the heart you have with your partner. On oneself, it makes it possible to reach inner peace by acting on the negative waves that you feel physically and psychologically. Very effective for appeasement, it is a stone recognized for its virtues by many therapists and by many parents and children.
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