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Blood jasper (heliotrope)

Blood jasper (heliotrope)

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Stone called "supreme protector", the blood jasper exerts a powerful protection on the energy level. It associates the virtues of green, which brings purifying energy, with the vitality of red. His energy speaks, in itself, of life, vitality, strength and courage. Anchoring and control stone, it promotes a more effective connection to its interior forces. People invaded by discouragement, uncertainty or fear will be able to find, thanks to it, serenity, courage and self -confidence necessary to make decisions and make choices. Extremely beneficial to self-control, it will soothe the least convenient characters and bring to stressed people a great feeling of balance, calm and appeasement.

Protective stone, the blood jasper Protects bad intentions and constitutes a bulwark against negative emotions and protects from accidents. On the psychic level, it promotes spiritual development and helps to find its way by stimulating creativity and developing intuition. Placed on the bedroom dresser or directly under the sleeper pillow, it preserves nightmares and improves the memory of dreams. On the karmic level, the sacred chakra and the heart chakra benefit from the benefits of this stone.

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