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Red jasper

Red jasper

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In lithotherapy, the Red jasper is very common and is found in a lot of uses. It is renowned for its stimulating benefit linked to its bright red shade, it is a natural symbol of stability and strength. It is a ore that allows you to consolidate the relationship with your own body and to achieve reconciliation with it. Jaspe is directly linked to telluric energies and provides the vital energy necessary for the accomplishment of daily work. On the spiritual level, Jaspe is an element of water that allows the purification and strengthening of the aura. Its use can gently stimulate energy production, to restore enthusiasm to people with fatigue. He is also able to restore courage during the difficult situations that we are going through in life. It allows you to have a more alert and lively mind, and stimulates the will to restore self -confidence, as well as the strength and the courage to face the difficulties of existence.

In Feng Shui, Jaspe is also recognized for its ability to attract success and abundance. It offers a clarity of mind that allows you to anticipate problems before they get worse, and to avoid certain situations that could have complicated. Jaspe acts directly on psychology, it regulates emotivity, fights negative vibrations and offers protection against bad influences. It promotes an opening to the world. It allows you to advance more quietly in life, feeling more safe in your body, and helps to enjoy the present moment. Jaspe is perfect for stimulating the root chakra and to facilitate the Renaissance.

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