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Les Mineraux de Marrakech

Landscape jasper

Landscape jasper

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Deeply anchored to the earth, the landscape jasper can help spiritually detect energy sources, which help for example to position a house or a new building. This mineral is essential for any ritual practice and magic ceremony, soliciting the elementary forces of the earth. He encourages spirituality and is beneficial to meditation, which can help align with oneself his meridians and his chakras. Its powerful earthly energy with comforting warmth brings harmony and spiritual rest. There Stone Jaspe Landscape invites us to creativity. Indeed, it inspires the creative visualization necessary to overcome artistic blockages. Landscape Jaspe also encourages initiative in the field of commercial activity. Bringing jasper over a long time can breathe self -confidence, a creative vision and allows you to get support to launch your business. Soothing par excellence, have an image jaspe at home or at work, because it is ideal for meditation or to reduce pollution of terrestrial radiation. It can also help temper overly emotional people or soothe an overflow of emotion. It acts on all chakras, but especially on the frontal chakra and the solar plexus chakra.

Furthermore, the Stone Jaspe Landscape protects you from surrounding negative energies. It offers you excellent emotional stability and clarifies your mind. It offers will and courage to go through difficult moments. Like a shield, the jasper prevents all the bad waves from reaching your mind.

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