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Les Mineraux de Marrakech

Jaspe Mokaite

Jaspe Mokaite

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Like all the stones of the jasper family (the black jasper is also a protective stone), the mokaist has the same protective properties, mentally and mental. It purifies and protects from negative energies and brings appeasement. This will allow you to face the unforeseen events and difficulties in life. You will have the impression of having your hand on the events and of being able to control the negative emotions that will invade you. It is ideal for calming too intense feelings and giving you the strength to channel them. It promotes human reconciliations so that conflicting or special situations end quickly. There mokaist also brings courage, self -confidence and determination. She invites introspection to be able to access a better self -knowledge. On the karmic level, it especially has an action on the root chakra, and that of the solar plexus. This stone balances yin and yang and manages to purify the aura of negative energies.

Like a shield, she pushes contamination and bad influences. It has protective qualities on the mental level, but also on the psychic level. It will therefore help our body and our mind to fight against negative waves that can parasitize them. It allows us to be more serene during a new event, which can be stressful, such as the passage of an exam or the management of a crisis situation. It helps us to take distance, to put into perspective, and allows our mind to control its emotions. This natural mineral brings us confidence and has soothing virtues. In lithotherapy, it is known to encourage novelty and pleasure, bring flexibility and flexibility, initiate rational decision -making, and act in a beneficial manner on lonely people. It also facilitates communication and creativity. If you hold this stone in your hand during meditation, you will reach a spiritual purification, and you will access a more fulfilled life.

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