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Les Mineraux de Marrakech

China Jade

China Jade

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On the mental level in lithotherapy, the Pierre Jade represents honesty, especially in all aspects being related to power. It also represents temperance, it has in its main virtues and properties to offer tolerance. In this sense, Jade gives objectivity to the judgment of others and makes it possible to increase the level of consciousness. Justice and morality are strong assets of Pierre Jade In lithotherapy, but also for all areas of mediation, balance, balance and negotiation. Among its other virtues on the mental level, jade removes guilt and allows you to confront realities.

Jade is a stone that encourages you to get to know yourself more to become the best version of yourself, the most sincere and authentic. To do this, she helps you find inner peace by freeing your mind mental ruminations. It helps you to go through the difficult trials of life by chasing parasitic thoughts and treating your emotional wounds. Even after having experienced the greatest failures and the biggest disappointments, it helps you find a positive state of mind. Thanks to this work that you are going to do on yourself through this stone, you will have the chance to maintain a healthy, honest and benevolent relationship with yourself, but also with others.

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