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Les Mineraux de Marrakech



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On the psychological level, the stone garnet To many properties, thus bringing joy and strength to live, energy, courage, driving force and insurance. It is associated with the power of will, better self -confidence, and success. There stone garnet is thus a strong anchoring stone. We attribute to garnet The power to free yourself from negative behavior patterns and the power of regeneration, to help fight discouragement, sadness, failure and emotional instability. This stone promotes self -respect and also makes it possible to face obstacles or a feeling of persecution. Finally, the garnet Allows regressions on previous lives.

On the physical level, the garnet has a certain role first by strengthening the heart, and by regularizing the circulation of blood. In addition, by increasing blood plasma and therefore white blood cells, assimilation of hemoglobin is improved. The hair vessels are also reinforced, reducing skin irritation, internal and external wounds. THE garnet Has a toning role in several organs, including the liver, the spleen and the kidneys. The reproduction devices are stimulated, thus improving sexual power, and protecting the reproductive organs. Can also be treated: earrings. At the bone level, we also note the power of garnet Against articular pain and heaviness, the abnormal hardening of an organ and the decrease in bone mineralization, as well as bone fractures. The spine would be protected.

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