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Les Mineraux de Marrakech

Ammonite fosile

Ammonite fosile

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Like amber, stone gives off restoration energies capable of regulating metabolism, lifting state of sadness, improving physical vitality and endurance while stabilizing pulse and blood pressure. We mainly know the stone for its virtues in terms of detoxification and purification of the body. There ammonite stone is known to be the prosperity stone of 7 colors. This is the first aspect that we notice. They often recall the colors of the rainbow and they have a whole meaning: wood, water, metal, fire and earth. Thus, the stone increases your inner richness and will make you wiser. The overall flow of your chi will gradually improve. If you feel that you are starting to stagnate in your life and nothing is going well, the soothing energies of the stone will bring you luck. The opportunities will come to you and you will find the strength to take up new challenges that will stimulate your imagination and your creativity. You will perform your tasks with passion. You will finally be able to succeed in achieving your goals, mainly those that affect your finances.

The stone will regenerate and protect relationships whose negative energies and temptations have taken control. It will rebalance your current environment which may seem chaotic. You will better understand the disorder that affects your life, discern your priorities and focus on positive elements. It will help you overcome the obstacles that block you to build healthy and lasting relationships. You will get rid of all of your insecurity. The stone will open your eyes to the future and make you forget the past and the sutures it has left in its path. Your year can therefore end up a good note if it started badly. There ammonite stone Bring a survival instinct to its owner who will help him take up challenges. This instinct will show you the best solutions to your problems. Associated with water, the stone will have emotional influence. Your emotions will light up, you will be able to treat them your negative emotions. Balance stone, stone helps reach a healthy and serene state. It increases endurance and vitality by attracting luck and financial prosperity.

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