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Les Mineraux de Marrakech



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There fluorite stone is very much protection for the psychic. It provides intellectual clarity and ease of concentration. It fades disorder and instability. It helps to decrease learning difficulties. It promotes improvement in learning. It helps detoxify emotional overflows. She soothes fears and decreases stress. It is a precious help for those who want to free themselves from psychological blockages, sensations of stagnation and inertia. It helps to drop the moorings. It relieves anger and is notoriously effective against states of sadness. It is an ideal stone for meditation because it brings serenity and appeasement. It reveals and helps to discern external rights of way. There fluorite stone is recommended in the event of psychic manipulation or unwanted mental influences. It acts on the aura by stabilizing it and purifying it. Well-being stone, it absorbs negative energies that provide stress, such as electromagnetic stress. It has a beneficial action on the harmony of the body by cleaning, purifying and dissipating everything that is not harmonious.

There fluorite stone dissipates any form of disorganization. It is, with all crystals, the most effective in this area. It promotes impartiality. It makes it possible to integrate spiritual energies, to increase the intuition, concentration. It thus gives access to superior spiritual realities. This is after all a real accelerator of spiritual awakening. It has the capacity to connect the spirit of the individual to universal thought and to weld groups around a common goal. It is therefore a stone of progress on different levels. Against chaos, the fluoritis Structure and reorganizes daily life, physical, emotional and mental bodies. It is a stone that brings back all the repressed feelings to the surface. It gives access to the subconscious, thus offering the opportunity to be able to resolve buried psychic conflicts. At the psychological level, it makes it possible to question the behaviors anchored and to transform them. It increases itself self -confidence and intellectual dexterity. At the mental level, it blurs the troubles. It shakes up fixed ideas and allows you to get out of narrow thoughts. It gives access to an image of much richer and encompassing reality. Correlatively, it brought out of the illusion and makes the truth touch. It is a great help when you have to find an idea or act with impartiality and objectivity.

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