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There emerald stone contributes to the harmony of relationships, within the family, the friendly circle or between two lovers. Favorable to friendship, she develops the feelings of righteousness and understanding. The emerald also brings great inner calm and soothes passions. It encourages benevolence and opening to others. It therefore stimulates the taste for cooperation and joint work. I' emerald also contributes to the settlement of old conflicts. It also helps people with claustrophobic disorders. Stone of knowledge, the emerald still encourages learning and sharpens memory.

In this area, theemerald relieves various conditions. Helping to consolidate the immune system, emerald stone therefore plays a notable role in treatments. Its soothing action on the digestive system is also recognized. There emerald stone Can also help to clean the liver and pancreas. The power of this stone is still found in its action on vision disorders. People prone to nerve crises and those with an abnormal blood sugar level can also find relief in the use of this stone. It can still protect the joints and preserve the spine. Its action on cardiac disorders or manifestations of tissue hardening is also renowned. In general, this stone, which allows better recovery of physical faculties, is advised to convalescents.

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