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Les Mineraux de Marrakech



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In lithotherapy, the rock crystal has a symbolic property and is recognized as such. She is a receiver, issuer and amplifier. The rock crystal allows you to work on the energy which is inside itself, it can amplify this energy, transform it, into storing and transmitting it.

There rock crystal is an ideal stone in lithotherapy for imagination and clairvoyance. It also allows you to reach high levels of meditation very quickly. For all that is linked to energy blockages, the rock crystal makes it possible to stabilize and harmonize the etheric body as well as the vibratory rate of the body.

This stone is mainly used by therapists in lithotherapy in order to recharge, bang and activate other crystals and minerals. Posed next to another crystal or other mineral, the rock crystal develops their properties nearby. This stone is used with all the stones, whatever the color or the initial property. It is a stone of light and purity, which is also used to amplify its own powers and its own energy, its own light. It accompanies and plays a role as a purifier vis-à-vis the aura.

Thanks to that rock crystal, the energy reserves of the body can therefore be developed as well as parallel and psychic faculties, namely telepathy, visualization, clairvoyance or audience, intuition or even concentration. If you need to clean an object, another stone or a place, a crystal geode or a quartz carpet can strongly help you. Environmental properties will be developed and cleaned at the same time. Whether at work or in your home, you can very well wear a rock crystal necklace that will allow you to amplify the properties of the environment in which you are to be favorable to you.

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