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The main characteristics of citrine stone in lithotherapyare the joy of living and abundance. This wealth stone promotes the balance of energies as well as concentration. It is energizing and strongly develops creativity. As such, it is one of the stones that do not need cleaning and recharging, as it absorbs and eliminates negative energy. It protects its environment and purifies the person in contact with them, whether through a braceletOr other.

In lithotherapy, the citrine stone Lets act protection on the aura by purifying the subtle body and balancing the energies of the physical body. The sacred and solar plexus chakras are the two main chakras to be purified and to be recharged with this stone. Among its virtues, the opening of the top chakra is one of them, to let intuition open and develop.

Crystal of abundance, the richness of citrine stone is much exploited in Feng Shui. She learns to attract abundance, prosperity, wealth and success. It is a stone that is both happy, but also generous, it encourages its operators to share while not losing their wealth. Generally in lithotherapy, the citrine stone is a stone promoting positive behavior and always makes it possible to find the best solution in the common interest and optimistic. For example, it allows the one who carries a citrine necklaceto develop your self -confidence and increase respect. In this way, she helps overcome her instinctive aversions and fears.

From a bodily point of view, the citrine stone would help digestion, stimulate the spleen and act in the same direction on the pancreas. Constipation would also be relieved by stone, as is the cessation of menstrual cycles and menstruation disorders would be attenuated by those who carry it.

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