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Les Mineraux de Marrakech



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He is recognized as great virtues with regard to compassion and sweetness. Indeed, many agree that it makes it possible to appease anger, to alleviate negative feelings such as jealousy, or that the negative or injustice that we carry in us: it is therefore the Pierre par excellence of the heart chakra and good energies attributed to it.

In addition, thechrysoprase Acts by cycles: we note in this regard that it generates a questioning process which also passes through falling phrases on oneself then, succeeding them, a new cycle of regeneration. In this way, it will therefore initiate the necessary changes in our behavior, our attitude or even our psyche. This gem invites moderation, and allows the one who carries it to take a certain step back on itself and to offer a more lucid vision as well as a certain detachment with regard to a complex situation: We think of course of the use that Alexandre made. Ultimately, the chrysoprase therefore helps self -confidence.

Furthermore, on the psychic and spiritual level, this mineral that is the chrysoprase is recognized as a liberating stone: this can be justified insofar as it rids the mind of everything that could hinder its natural development. It would give courage to people subject to doubts or lack of self -confidence, while offering new perspectives: creativity and inspiration often arise. We also recognize virtues on the rise of blood pressure or stress, since it helps concentration and relaxation. No doubt this is the reason why it is considered to be the stone of maternal love: thanks to its way of channeling positive feelings like love or tenderness.

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