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Les Mineraux de Marrakech



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There chrysocolle is the stone of appeasement, tranquility, peace. It encourages forgiveness, compassion, and softness, and strengthens emotional ties. It removes guilt, anxieties and conflicts that can be felt inside you or with those around you. It is also associated with intuition, patience, and unconditional love. Thanks to it, emotions are regulated and mood disorders, channeled. There was also a time when, isolated from everything, the hermits, the monks, and even some prisoners used this stone in order to keep concerns and the state of sadness away. From there follows a strange characteristic of the chrysocolle, residing in the fact of making his wearer a bit of a helm since reducing fears linked to isolation. So she goes perfectly with people who cannot stay in place!

The wearer of this stone, immersed in his relaxing energy, is more lucid, faces truths and lets his inner wisdom emerge. This allows him to keep all his serenity of mind and composure when changing or difficult situations are taking shape. There chrysocolle essentially allows to neutralize negative energies and the evil surrounding a person or a place of life. An extract placed in a room where negative emotions reign such as resentment or distrust will thus make peace and understanding. Associated with the throat chakra, it develops the faculties of communication and expression. Its power makes it possible to achieve the strength of your words and its actions and to become aware of how these affect those around us. In this sense, it constitutes for example a present of choice for any budding musician: like a talisman, she will increase his assurance of the latter who will thus be able to express all her potential or sing without complex in front of an audience. It should be noted that the chrysocolle Also stimulates the circulation of energies in the heart chakra.

It also presents a particular affinity with women, whose wisdom, creativity it brings out, and facilitates adaptation to new situations such as maternity or the cessation of menstruats. There chrysocolle causes a strong awareness of the deep self. She delivers her carrier from sorrow, fear and all negative emotions. She thus helps him to reach fullness, self-confidence and peace, by promoting letting go and abandoning pain and worries. It is therefore ultimately the stone of harmony par excellence, which, moreover, makes it possible to commune with the environment.

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