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Les Mineraux de Marrakech



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Calcite is considered a sweet stone. On the mental level, it is known to bring appeasement and to help restore mental balance. In everyday life, at work, at home, with family or friends, it helps to put into perspective the useless and to move away from it. It also makes it possible to better manage the discomfort resulting from anger. It also helps to be flexible by diluting too rigid thoughts and convictions. It is also a mineral that stimulates intuition. In addition, this mineral species is comforting. It connects emotions to the intellect and makes it possible not to be discouraged or lose hope. It allows children to exteriorize themselves and better take an interest in the world of adults. By enriching your collection, it will help you replace serenity for stress.

Ideal for increasing the faculties of discernment and analysis, the stone helps organize ideas and put them into practice. It also contributes to intensifying memory and promoting studies, teaching and careers. It is also possible to use it to combat laziness and to be more energetic and more combative. Benefit in many ways, this crystal is also useful on the spiritual level. It helps to be more open to channeling, psychic donations and extracorporeal experiences. It also promotes spiritual development and allows the soul to remember its experiences, once it has reintegrated its body.

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