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On the mental level in lithotherapy, Calcédonia is a very positive rock which brings sweetness and calm: it is a very peaceful stone. Calcédonian stone helps to alleviate sadness, crying and sorrows. It acts mainly on the frontal chakraAnd is recommended for people who can experience excessive aggressiveness, irritability. Because of its appeasement actions, thestone avoid excessive outbursts and strengthen diplomacy. Calcédonia also reduces any form of verbal provocations through the throat chakra. She embraces shy people by promoting their ability to expression. Communication and dialogue are then for the benefit of the person who carries it, and this allows a better understanding and concentration in their own.

On a slightly more spiritual dimension, thestone represents innocence in spiritual research work. It allows everyone to project themselves into the highest spiritual spheres in complete safety, without stress or concern. This stone promotes the expression of creativity, particularly on the artistic level, while developing more sensitive perceptions.

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