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Fossilized wood

Fossilized wood

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Fossilized wood is a stone that invite to slow down. Also, it allows the body to reconnect with its natural rhythm.

He consolidates bones And protects the joints Possible shocks and trauma. It is notably recommended that people with degenerative diseases, because he delays their progression.

This stone gives its holder thevital energywhich he needs. Thus, she fights chronic fatigue.

It has a soothing effect on nervous tensions and the pain associated with it.

In addition, it helps to losing weight and fight against obesity. Indeed, she participates in boosting metabolism for better elimination of fat

Petrified wood has many benefits on The psychological sphere

He Promotes concentration By helping the mind to channel On what turns out to be a priority. This has the effect of considerably increasing the productivity by generating less effort. Therefore, it decreases tiredness due to the mental charge. This fossil reduces hyperactivity adults and children. It is also perfect for people with ADHD (attention deficit disorder).

In addition, this mineral helps in let go. If you tend to be constantly in Control, then it will be beneficial to you. This stone gives enough confidence to understand events with decline and optimism. Daily life becomes more calm and peaceful. Petrified wood also promotes patience. It allows you to break with the immediacy desireomnipresent in our society.

Petrified wood remains a anchor. She invites you to focus on the moment here To live it fully. The intensity of the relationship to the world and to the others is then increased tenfold. Therefore, it establishes a interior dialogue and helps to resonate with its own aspirations and emotions. She sharpens theintuition In order to make choices consistent with its values. Thanks to this anchoring, the stone promotes the spiritual development

This wood grants strength and energy Required to calmly outdo obstacles. He invites refocus on the essentials And to disinterested in equipment. Thus, the small annoyances of everyday life have no taking on you.

Finally, she encourages to make aware of the limiting beliefs which prevent us from realizing us, in order to detach ourselves from it. The mind is more open and quick to change. Ideal for victims of manipulation, this stone contributes to dispel which is exercised, and to erase its stigma.

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