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Les Mineraux de Marrakech



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Aventurine has a soft and easy -to -access energy, which makes this natural mineral, the ideal stone to start a process of self -knowledge. When associated with pink quartz, it allows the opening of the heart and consciousness. Associated with a smoked quartz, it helps to go on new bases with optimism. The energy it gives off harmonizes the different chakras and brings to its user a healthy vision of life! This person will then have clear ideas and will be able to make decisions more easily to complicated situations. She will feel more mistress of herself, by finding her free will, her freedom to think and act, because the adventurine will have restored her well-being and her confidence in her.

Aventurine also increases the creative spirit and the determination of its holder. It contributes to greater autonomy and promotes access to new ideas and concepts, an ideal faculties for creation. It also has an anti-stress effect, which contributes to interior tranquility and the conservation of its composure. It is therefore ideal for those who seek to appease their stress and calm their nervousness. Indeed, the green adventurin makes patient and calms anger, strengthening the self-control. These qualities are essential, to carry out its projects, but also in self -realization.

Aventurine solves emotional problems. This stone gives back humor and cheerfulness. She brings compassion and encourages to feel her love and that of others. It provides patience and increases the tolerance capacity necessary to promote self -acceptance, but also that of others.

Aventurine also turns out to be very useful to calm people who are too excited. It helps the latter flourish, promoting their openness to others and the world. It develops their sense of adventure. In combination with pink quartz, it is useful for the treatment of speech disorders in children. Aventurine is finally considered a stone of luck and optimism. The Aventurine/Citrine couple turns out to be a powerful association to attract luck and abundance. Aventurine brunette helps keep your feet on the ground and keep its union with reality.

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