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Les Mineraux de Marrakech

Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite

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There stone is a great help for people who suffer from excess tension. Raised near the heart, it soothes the too high tension and makes it possible to overcome emotional disorders. Holding this stone allows you to calm down in case you feel your emotions climb. People with emotional excess need this stone to calm down faster. With too much emotions, we are often pushed to make thoughtless decisions. This type of crystal, with its calming capacities, helps to avoid this. This type of stone helps a large number of individuals who are still drowning in shyness. Indeed, it gives a force that works self -confidence. The energy released by the stone eliminates the lack of security. By wearing this crystal, you can more easily open up to others. The stone helps to let go during the holidays where you meet in the middle of the crowd.

Artists who use creativity to realize their works need the stone. This allows you to enter osmosis with your originality. The stone awakens the meaning of imagination in the depths of our being. Porter these crystals leads to surprising quality results. Apatitis also grants excess energy pushing for motivation at work. To seek concentration, it is better to turn to red or gold variants. These are generally used during meditation. To develop your intuition and become more capable of seeing the future, it is recommended to meditate with purple or blue crystals. The 3rd eye chakras are affected by these colors.

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