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Les Mineraux de Marrakech



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In lithography, the Angelite stone is the stone that allows you to connect to the soul of your guardian angel which brings all its protection. The feeling of safety and fullness is strongly present: the nights of children are more serene for example. Self -confidence is reinforced and the amateur of this stone affirms his convictions with confidence. By being in harmony with oneself, the propensity for compassion and openness to others is accentuated in a natural and spiritual way, in peace and total harmony. The flat shape of the stone makes it possible to position it perfectly on the throat chakra it represents to treat the body and the mind. Center for communication and art of consciousness, this chakra is united to our personality and makes it possible to evolve with confidence in an atmosphere of inner peace. In addition, she intervenes on the crown chakras and third eye. The sign of Aquarius is the most receptive.

On the spiritual level, its peaceful energy widens the field of perception and allows the elevation of consciousness. In lithography, this mineral has the power to bring out everyone the positive feelings to spread peace for oneself and for others. This harmony stone is very fragile. It is therefore preferable to wear your hidden jewelry by placing, for example, your bracelet under a garment to protect it, or to keep them in a room in your house where you want to spend peaceful moments. The stone makes you help to develop your spirituality and to recover calm in case of sorrow and anger. The appeasement of the soul during episodes of penalties and psychic pain gives it the appellation of stone of truth. In order to enjoy all the benefits of the stone, it should be purified by plunging it into a slightly salty aqueous solution. As a result of its use, to recharge it, it must be illuminated thanks to the natural power of the sun's rays by ideally placing it on a quartz heap which helps recharge in energy.

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