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Les Mineraux de Marrakech



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The aims are the mixture of amethyst and a citrine. This natural stone has multiple powers on mind, psychology and emotions. Effects that are quickly felt when you come into contact with the mineral. For example, this pretty two -tone gem soothes the mind and encourages to turn to meditation. In this way, it removes all psychic tensions and annihilates stress. Because it has a soothing power, that it distances the negative energies accumulated in the aura, that it promotes optimism and that it leads to people to take control of their existence, it is ideal for reducing a Emotional shock and to fight the state of sadness (whether it is an emotional or mental state). In addition, creatives and artists can use it in their work, since it participates in the development of the imaginary, open -mindedness and relativism. This is due to its action on the right brain, the part of the organ that influences creativity and imagination. Moreover, everyone can use their crystals as it helps to go beyond prejudices and open up to others, accept them beyond appearances and antagonisms.

There amertine stone encourages to go beyond preconceived and to conceive things other than by the sole prism of a daily life too earth-to-terre. It thus pushes the individual who leads her to study precisely each situation and to seek the different options in the event of conflict with the sole purpose of unlocking the problems, whether it is a concern for personal order or professional order. For the one who has an aims, perception and action are consistent. Emotions no longer dominate, but things are essential with great clarity, we gain in concentration. By evacuating the blocking sources and bringing light, it contributes to the inner journey and generates a fusion of the self with the rest of the universe. Concentrated, refocused on positive energies, we can then ask the right questions and find the right answers.

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