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Les Mineraux de Marrakech



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I'amethyst is considered the stone of humility and the stone of wisdom. It stimulates creativity, imagination and clarity. This stone plays a big role and promotes not only meditation, concentration, but also spiritual elevation. She also takes care of appeasing anger, fear, worries, anxieties, sadness and sorrow. From a psychological point of view, it helps to fight against addictions related to drugs, alcohol or tobacco and it can even help people with obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD) to appease their daily lives.

I' amethyst Also has the property of being a passing stone and being a variety which includes separation. It can be used in case of loss of a loved one, both for those who go away and for those who remain. A remarkable property and a virtue of the amethyst gems are to purify places and objects, whether through an amethyst ball or in another form. It purifies the physical body, but also the aura. It accepts and integrates perfectly new products, changes. It also serves to clean, purify and recharge other stones and minerals. The ideal is to carry out this purification on an amethyst or amethyst geode. The higher the size of the geode, the more effective the purification. However, it is necessary to ensure that amethyst does not change colors in which case, this can sign that the mineral is also in poor health.

Always in the context of purification of a place, the gem amethyst contributes to peace and relaxation, it helps the one who wears it in a bracelet or necklace, but not only. It provides calm and deep relaxation if it is in a room. If it is in your living room, this stone can increase the energy rate of the room in question. If you favor a bracelet of amethyst gems, it will accompany you and offer you all the powers offered by amethyst. You will fully enjoy the properties of calm and appeasement that it provides, throughout the day as soon as you wear it. In bracelet, it is possible to wear it in 6mm pearls, up to 14mm or more. In the form of a pendant, it will be directly placed on your solar plexus chakra but you must ensure that it is in direct contact with the skin, it is ideal in lithotherapy.

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