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Les Mineraux de Marrakech



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Natural amber (20mm)

On the psychological level, in lithotherapy, the stone has many properties. First of all, she helps the one who brings her to assert himself and take her place. It allows you to express your personality, but also to impose yourself in an environment. Amber can purify energies thanks to its solar shine. It participates in the unlocking of certain body areas when positioned on the chakra or the area in question. Thanks to its mental stimulating properties, the stone is a stone that promotes any form of psychic work, it makes it possible to energize reflection and promotes intellectual development and boosts memory. In this sense, amber helps to fight against the forms of state of sadness. But above all, it encourages surpassing oneself and makes it possible to achieve your goals, to realize your dreams and to achieve great things. With amber, psychological dams collapse and nothing seems impossible to achieve. The mental force is undoubtedly, the most beautiful asset of this stone with multiple energizing properties.

By chasing stress and anxiety, stone helps you to become stronger and more combative in everyday life. If you feel tired psychologically or you are going through a slight drop in morale, this stone is ideal for rekindling the flame that lies dormant in you and starting up on a good basis.

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