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I'aquamarine or aqua-marineis considered a mineral that makes it possible to perform quality artistic services. Indeed, it has the power to increase the sensitivity and expressiveness of those who have it. She also helps to express better and transmit her emotions. Associated with the astrological signs of the Aquarius, fish, balance and Gemini, the positive vibrations which it transmits predispose par excellence to artistic professions. In addition, invested with calming virtues, it brings peace, appeasement and serenity while acting positively on intellectual stimulation. It is therefore the favorite stone of those who face an oral examination and who will carry it as a collar or bracelet for example, as a lucky charm to succeed in their studies.

I'aquamarine is also the stone of the divinatory arts which clarifies medium -sized perceptions and clairvoyance. In addition, the Aigue-Marine makes communication with the others more harmonious. Very popular with lovers, she reinforces and consolidate an emerging love or a fragile relationship, or confirm an already installed relationship. This is why it is very symbolic to offer to the elected of her heart a engagement ring surmounted by an Aigue-Marine. On the other hand, Aigue-Marine has been the Talisman of sailors and travelers at sea for several centuries that it protects from drowning and to which it brings happiness and guarantees a calm and serene journey.

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